Jean-Philippe Woodland


 I live in London. I'm an established photographer and executive producer running my own company: Woodland Photography.

 Highly creative, with an excellent artistic eye, I have worked alongside some of the world’s most renowned photographers, including Mario Testino and Simon Procter.

 Expert in a range of genres, I have collaborated internationally, as a photographer, with clients such as the European Union, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. As a producer, I have single-handedly built the UK production team and creative support Gemo, a French-clothing company. I also produced Natalie's Imbruglia's Firebird album artwork.

 I demonstrate strong leadership qualities, with experience in building teams and  training individuals, and have a talent for combining creative vision with commercial objectives.

 There are two sides to me: the artist and the freakily detailed focused producer. I live with both those sides, fully.


Jean-Philippe Woodland

+44 7900 591 129